Specializing in reclaimed and repurposed urban logs and lumber Rescued millworx is a small artisan sawmill and custom furniture builder located in one of the most unlikely cities for a sawmill to be. Las Vegas isn’t known for timber or lumber but I couldn’t let the great supply of large mesquite trees that get removed by the local arborists go to waste. I have found this to be true that nation wide there is a vast amount of urban landscape and storm damaged logs to be salvaged. So I travel all across the United States multiple times a year to gather these logs and process them into beautiful slabs of wood and lumber to be used in my custom built furniture. In combination with my salvaged lumber I also gather odd and unique metal antiques and industrial fixtures from local scrap yards to be used as legs or incorporated into projects.

Recently I have began repurposing used wine and bourbon barrels into what I believe to be the most comfortable and functional furniture I have ever built.  With every barrel having a different color, shape, size, smell, and personality the pieces created from them are nothing short of amazing.

Please feel free to contact me about any of your ideas or remodeling plans to see if any of my repurposed logs, lumber, or custom furniture could become one of your prized possessions.