Cigar Holders




Well there isn’t anything more comfortable then a wine or bourbon chair so why not enjoy your favorite drink or cigar while relaxing in these fantastic chairs. But while enjoying a fine cigar in these chairs you will need a place to lay your cigar from time to time so I found myself trying to find a way to incorporate a piece of a barrel slat for just that situation and here it is. Made from either a wine slat or a bourbon slat I have these great cigar holders. The ash will collect in the trough created from where the head of the barrel sits. So if you find yourself thinking about what to get your significant other that is a cigar smoker and has just about everything this would be it. Goes perfect with a barrel chair and a barrel coffee table or end table. Approx dimensions are 3 1/2″ wide 6-8″ long and 3″ tall.


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