Bourbon & Wine Barrel Chairs

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Bourbon & Wine Barrel Chairs


These custom bourbon barrel and wine barrel chairs are a one of a kind work of art. Built from used reclaimed wine and bourbon barrels. In an attempt to capture all of the patina and histories of the barrels and repurpose them into one of the most comfortable and usable pieces of furniture that anyone would be proud to display in their house and yards.

Every barrel has a different color from the dark char in the bourbon barrels to the dark burgundy to bright red colors of the wine barrels, along with their own individual shapes created by the time aged tradition of every different cooper.

If you have ever thought about owning one of these works of art please feel free to contact me to discuss how I can assist in creating a piece of art for you.

1 review for Bourbon & Wine Barrel Chairs

  1. Kelly Miller

    These are the most comfortable chairs I have ever sat in! Literally I could fall asleep and not miss my bed. This is not an over exaggeration, they are really that comfy, not to mention their esthetic beauty. The craftsmanship is unsurpassed as well. Simply gorgeous!

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